Marylebone Summer Fayre Weekend

The Marylebone Summer Fayre Weekend is pleased to be supporting COSMIC (Children of St Mary's Intensive Care) and their More Smiles Appeal for the second year running. 

Every Year, the COSMIC unit provides life saving care for over 400 patients. However demand for their services out strips supply and that means having to turn away over 200 critically ill children every year because of not enough beds. This means children may have to be transferred hundreds of miles away for treatment. 

The More Smiles Appeal is to help raise £2million to refurbish and expand COSMIC's unit to create a state of the art facility. This new unit will have 15 beds, almost doubling the current number, allowing more than 200 extra children to be cared for each year. There will also be new equipment, a dedicated parents’ room and a private room allowing space for doctors and nurses to provide emotional support and care to families whose children are very seriously ill. Alongside this we will also be refurbishing a ward to provide dedicated emergency onsite parent accommodation so that parents are within ‘dressing gown distance’ of their critically ill child.


Supporting COSMIC