Tips for cutting your hair at home with The Wigmore Barber

Barbering and men's grooming has now become an essential part of everyday life to enhance appearances, well-being and self-confidence. Although this is a great opportunity to experiment with new longer hair styles and maybe some facial hair, most men will be really missing their regular barber shop in the current lock down situation. 

Under usual circumstances The Wigmore team would not recommend home hairdressing but as these are not familiar times they have put a few instructions together to try and help you smarten yourselves up at home.

Scissors are not easy to use on yourself in front of a mirror even for professionals so if you can't wait any longer they would recommend using a pair of clippers. If you don't already have some there are many reasonable versions available for home use, preferably a pair with separate attachments (attachments are generally universal in size).

They would recommend starting with one of the longer attachments on the top section of the head. Maybe a No:6 (19mm). This is generally a little more forgiving and you can always go shorter. Always make sure that the attachments are on the clippers securely.
Run the clippers as flat as possible resting on the head in all different directions over the hair to catch various hair growth patterns. If you can manage to comb the hair in front of the clippers this will also help to catch all of the hair.

If you are doing this yourself it's probably better to stay with the same attachment as the back of the head is difficult to reach. Strategic placing of mirrors is helpful. If another household member is doing this for you then it's great to change to a slightly smaller attachment for the sides No:5 (16mm) or No:4 (13mm).

Starting at each side run the clippers up flat from the hairline and angle slightly outwards at temple level all around the head.
If this has gone reasonably well then you can get an even better finish by changing to a slightly smaller attachment for the edges. Maybe a No: 3 (10mm).

Start on the neck and run the clippers up and outwards at the hairline. If you are removing neck hair try not to cut in to the hairline. Remove the attachment and start just below. If you usually shave everyday and are now working from home you could give your skin a well earned break from the trauma of a razor. If you are not keen on your bearded look then maybe shave once or twice a week instead.

However, if you are enjoying your facial hair regularly once a week trim with your clippers with an attachment of your choice again going in all different directions will definitely make you feel smarter.

Application of a beard oil or a little olive oil every day will help soften and control the facial hair. Remember to take basic care of your skin. Cleansing daily and exfoliating two or three times a week will keep your skin clean and smooth. To look after your skin from the inside out make sure you wear SPF30+ daily, this will protect your skin from pollution and also from getting sun damage / pigmentation. These basic steps will improve your skin texture and tone dramatically, within a month you will feel and see a noticeable difference.

They really do hope that you will be able to find some useful tips to help you through this difficult time. If you would like any further information they are reachable on their website via the contact form.


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