Marylebone Summer Festival

Brands and restaurants across Marylebone Village came together to offer a line-up of exciting online activities.

The Festival, which was organised and funded by The Howard de Walden Estate, in support of Green House Sports, ran for a week and offered a different theme each day. Brands and restaurants across Marylebone came together to provide a line-up of exciting activities, classes, workshops and promotions, all free and delivered digitally to you in the comfort of your own home.

Please find links to the content shared on Instagram here, and the recorded set hosted by Tony Moore on Facebook here.

Monday 8 June – Food and Drink
Monday featured a variety of Marylebone's most loved bars and eateries, including Caldesi, Rococo Chocolates and La Fromagerie.

(image credits Caldesi)

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Tuesday 9 June – Beauty and Wellness
Our beauty and wellness day provided you with expert advice from Fresh, Margaret Dabbs and John Bell & Croyden and workouts from our friends at Xtend Barre.

(image credits Xtend Barre London)

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Wednesday 10 June – Children and Family
The Little Greene Paint Company were on hand to provide you with expert advice on how to keep your walls 'child' friendly with their specialist paints. We also featured an exclusive Q&A with Rachel Riley.

(image credits Rachel Riley)

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Thursday 11 June – Fashion
This was an opportunity to get to know the people behind your favourite Marylebone Village fashion brands, including Dinny Hall, Sirplus, Kastur Jewels and more. There were promotions across the day, featuring the latest collections from the likes of Ba&sh, Agnes B, Luca Faloni and Tracey Neuls.

(image credits Luca Faloni)

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Friday 12 June – Home and Garden
Discover top tips and advice to keep your home fresh and up to date with beautiful accessories from your local experts including The Little Greene Paint Company and Tracey Neuls.

(image credits The Little Greene Paint Company)

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Saturday 13 June – Film
A day of history, film and magical music. 240 years in the making, the Marylebone Music Festival brings back music of the Marylebone Pleasure Gardens which fell silent in 1777.

See an exclusive Q&A discussion about the British Independent film 'Evelyn' and its musical score with Maggie Rodford, Air-Edel’s Managing Director, Gwendolen von Einsiedel and Patrick Jonsson.
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Sunday 14 June – Music
Tony Moore hosted a variety of music performances between 2:30pm and 7pm via the Marylebone Village Facebook channel. Watch the full set from home now.
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