My Independent Marylebone: Caldesi in Marylebone

Q&A with Katie Caldesi, co-owner of Caldesi in Marylebone.

Tell us about your business?

We operate a restaurant and cookery school in Marylebone Lane.

Caldesi in Marylebone is a traditional Italian restaurant which specialises in producing authentic Italian dishes that you seldom find outside of Italy. Our cookery school La Cucina Caldesi specialises in Italian cookery covering all aspects from pasta making through to butchery and high end cooking skills. We call our space in Marylebone, ‘Our little corner of Italy in Marylebone’

What makes your restaurant special?

Authenticity! We want people to feel like they’re in Italy when dining with us. It’s a family run business and Giancarlo and I are experts on Italian regional food, having written 10 books on the subject.

What is your favourite dish in your restaurant?

Giancarlo’s favourite dish is the Calves Liver with Butter and Sage!

What do you love about Marylebone Village?

We have had businesses here for over 20 years so really feel part of it, and every time we walk along the streets we bump into people we know.

What is your favourite memory in Marylebone Village?

Opening our restaurant, Caldesi in Marylebone,18 years ago. It had been a huge build but was so exciting when we served our first customers.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

Apart from Antonio’s pizza (!) I love to treat myself to the Mezze at Fairuz.