My Independent Marylebone: Paul Rothe & Son

Q&A with Stephen Rothe, Co-Owner of Paul Rothe and Son.

Tell us about your business?

Paul Rothe and Son Delicatessen was established in 1900 by my great grandfather on August 2nd and has been in the family ever since.

The shop has changed the nature of its business over the years; once purely a grocers, we now rely on catering as the main aspect of our business. Homemade soups, freshly cut sandwiches, salad boxes and many other delicious treats await our hungry customers!

What makes your store special?

I think the fact that we are still a family run business in the heart of the west end makes us different from other eateries. In a world full of fast food and pre-packed sandwiches, I think our customers appreciate being able to come in and choose exactly what goes into their sandwich or salad. If you want salad, we put it in. If you want cheese that goes in too. Add pickles, chutney or even anchovies! But if you want a plain sandwich with no additions, we can do that aswell. If you don’t want bread, just have a portion of your favourite filling! 

We get to know most of our customers by name, and it’s lovely seeing the same faces every day. Building a rapport with customers is vital as a small business. Our customers are very important to us and we want them to know that; asking about the weekend whilst we prepare a sandwich is all part of the job. We have many customers who come in every day, some once a week and some once a year when they come to visit a clinician in the area. All of these customers are part of what makes Paul Rothe and Son what it is today. No matter how often the visit, we appreciate everyone who comes through the door to support our business.

What is your favourite item in your store?

We are best known for our delicious homemade soups and sandwiches. But on the shelves we have many delicious jams, marmalades and condiments to tempt our customers with. Little Scarlet Strawberry Jam has to be my favourite. Tiny wild strawberries are left whole and packed a plenty in to the jar. Delicious!

Our British Heather Honey by BlackBee Honey has to be one of the most popular items we have sold in recent times. It has a +20 total activity rating too.

What do you love about Marylebone Village?

The things I love most about Marylebone? That’s a tricky one. As it’s a family business and my grandparents used to live above the shop, I’ve been in the area all my life. Coming to work with my Dad as a school boy walking from Baker Street station. Seeing all the changes that have happened between then and is quite amazing. I was always desperate to do more in the shop than I was allowed to do. Wanting to clear several plates and cups and saucers as an eight year old, but only being allowed to carry one cup and saucer at a time.

I love the fact that walking up Marylebone Lane and in to the High Street there is never a time when there isn’t someone to say hello to. Whether it be a customer, a shop owner or a neighbour. Faces that I have known for years and ones that are new in the village. In the times we find ourselves in at the moment, it’s important we keep up the community spirit and do what we can for one another, even if it’s a hello and a kind word!

Where is your favourite place to eat?

Favourite place to eat? Well that’s a tough one with so many to choose from! Only having Sundays off, most of my spare time is spent seeing my family and my adorable godson. A firm favourite of the Rothe family has always been The Golden Hinde fish and chip shop. Childhood memories of collecting take away from the beautiful old counter they had and taking it back to eat with my grandparents in the flat above the shop where I now live; special times. It’s changed hands a couple of times, but still remains a great venue and definitely part of what makes Marylebone so special. Mixing new businesses with old ones like ourselves is what makes Marylebone such a unique and beautiful village.