My Independent Marylebone: KJ's Laundry

Q&A with Jane Ellis, Co-Founder of KJ's Laundry.

Tell us about your business?

We are a multi label womenswear store based in the heart of Marylebone and have been open for nearly 15 years. We stock new and hard to find international labels, with an emphasis on wearable fashion.

What makes your store special?

We focus on a very wearable, timeless edit with both affordable and aspirational price points whilst offering great customer service.

What is coming up for the brand?

Moving forward we will be focusing more on our own label development as it’s now one of the most requested labels in store.

What do you love about Marylebone Village?

Having been in Marylebone for nearly 15 years, we have really seen the area change over the years; it's developed into a great place to shop and eat with lots of variety to choose from.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

We love Delamina and 28° 50° Wine Workshop and Kitchen (our neighbours in Marylebone Lane).


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