Meet KOIBIRD, an independent and immersive fashion and lifestyle store on Marylebone Lane, boasting a curated edit of brands.

Founded by seasoned traveller Belma Gaudio, the brand curates seasonal edits inspired by the KOIBIRD world; be that a film, a country, a piece of art or a moment in time and undergoes a seasonal makeover to bring to life each new inspiration. From art installations to bespoke decor, each theme becomes an interactive story. Currently, the store is inspired by the chintz of a grandmother’s living room and Eastern Europe folklore to showcase their new Eastern Bloc collection which is now available.

“I want to change how people think and feel about clothes. KOIBIRD is about being creative and pushing people to express themselves, especially women whose comfort zone lies in more conventional dressing. I want them to see fashion as creative and fun. It is a powerful tool for self-expression.” - Belma Gaudio, Founder

They aim to inspire people to be fearless and bold in their fashion choices whether on the slopes, at the beach or in everyday life. KOIBIRD wants to help busy, stylish women embrace fashion in a myriad of ways and build a personal style that reflects their sense of self.


Meet Founder Belma Gaudio

Belma Gaudio has clocked more air miles than most. Born in Bosnia and raised in Kuwait, Gaudio finished high school in California before settling in New York, where she attended Rutgers University. Upon graduating, she spent 8 years working as a trader at one of the city’s top hedge funds. A move to Hong Kong with her husband prompted a career break when Gaudio decided to combine her life-long love of fashion, extensive brand knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and travel expertise to found KOIBIRD.

"Packing for holidays has always been the fun part of travelling. I’ve always loved discovering new brands and wearing unique pieces that no-one else has."

Alongside her role as CEO and Creative Director of KOIBIRD, Gaudio holds several positions within the art world, belonging to various acquisition groups at the Tate, supporting the V&A and the Royal Academy, as well as international museums including Centre Pompidou. A founding member of the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Trust, Gaudio is also a supporter of Smart Works Charity, which provides free clothing and interview training to unemployed women in need.

Travelling off-the-beaten-track, experiencing different cultures and discovering new talent remains a life-long passion for Gaudio and central to the KOIBIRD ethos. 

What are you waiting for? Visit KOIBIRD now at 62 Marylebone Lane.


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