International Women's Day: The Organic Pharmacy

Q&A with Margo Marrone, founder of The Organic Pharmacy.

Tell us about your role and your business… 

Im the founder and CEO of The Organic Pharmacy so my role really covers overseeing everything, but my passion is health and making sure our products and services really make a difference to the world. 

What inspired you to choose a career in health and wellness? 

I was a trained pharmacist working with conventional medicines but I always loved working with herbs and natural remedies. The more I found out about parabens and chemicals in products I just couldnt ethically or professionally recommend them to my clients anymore.

Many people coming to me were at the end of their tether, as they were not getting better with conventional methods. I felt like a detective working out what triggered peoples conditions such as stress, a bad break up or working long hours which often kick started a period of bad health and skin.

Many of The Organic Pharmacys hero products were hand blended and created by myself for specific customers needs. The Organic Pharmacys iconic Detox Capsules were designed by myself to help purify the body before my clients took healing tinctures which contained gut repairing and cleansing aloe, slippery elm and burdock Root. However, I noticed that the detox capsules were actually curing people of puffy eyes, bad skin and breath as well as tiredness caused by toxicity. My custom made creams, cleansers and serums became a hit with customers through word of mouth who all wanted my creations.

What challenges have you faced along the way? Any particular challenges as a woman in the health industry?  

My goodness, challenges never stop. In the beginning it’s finding the funding and surviving, later on its finding the right people to join the vision and to be a really good communicator. The more you communicate your vision the better it is. 

What motivates you? 

Health is what really motivates me, the health of our fellow humans, the health of our planet and the health of our souls. I love working with what mother nature has to offer as gifts to us that we can use with respect to help our own evolution. 

Who or what women inspire you? 

The woman I most admire is my dear friend Kelly Moss who just published her second cook book- Cape Cod Cook Book. She was in a car crash 20 years ago that left her paralysed and is the most positive and funniest person I know. Since then she has written two cook books and taken her masters in Harvard! Incredible!

What does International Women’s Day and this year's theme Choose to Challenge mean to you? 

As women we give up our power so easily, International Womens Day to me means, step into your power.

What are the plans for your business in Marylebone Village? 

We plan on doing a lot of events in Marylebone so please keep an eye on our events space and workshops that include yoga, dance movement, flower making and so much more. As well and healthy treats. 

Where is your favourite place / what is your favourite thing to do in Marylebone Village?  

Aside from The Organic Pharmacy store, my favourite place in Marylebone village is Fabriano, I can spend hours there looking at all the writing, pens and gorgeous folders. My other favourite place is of course Daylesford!


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