International Women's Day: agnès b.

Q&A with Agnès Troublé, fashion designer and founder of agnès b.

How did you launch agnès b.? 

I first started working for the magazine Elle, then as a freelance stylist for brands such as VdeV, Pierre dAlby, Limitex and later Cacharel. I was still working for Cacharel when I opened the first shop 3 rue du Jour with Jean-René de Fleurieu, my second husband, and my son Etienne Bourgois.

Journalists really liked my work and talked about agnès b. a lot. It is thanks to them that the brand became more and more famous. I really insist on putting forward the fact that I have never advertised! Its only the press and costumers which made what agnès b. has become.

What inspired you to choose this career? 

It was really necessity that made me choose this career” while my first aspiration was to work in the arts: at 17 my first internship had been in Jean Fourniers art gallery.

I never really had the impression of forging any kind of “career”. Instead I can say I have spent my life doing, with the greatest pleasure, a job that I still love doing.

What challenges have you faced along the way? 

dont really know what challenges” are. I have always stayed true to myself, to my very own style, a style which I have always tried to share with people.

What motivates you? 

The pleasure of doing things. Its a job that you learn by doing. I havent been taught to be a stylist by a school or any institution. I was married at 17 and learnt my job by doing it, which was also a way to improve and perfect myself constantly, without looking at what others were doing.

Who inspires you? 

Women and men of any age, children, are inspiring. But I must admit I particularly look at the youth as “people in the making”.

Do you have advice for women looking to get into the same field? 

We often welcome interns at agnès b. and just yesterday a young girl had come to the end of her internship with us and I told her: Above all, never look at what others do. Just be yourself. Thats your strength. And dont forget your sense of femininity”.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

A few years back, I used to say: one Womens Day and 364 Mens days! But fortunately it seems to be changing.

What are your favourite places in Marylebone Village? 

I enjoy VV Rouleaux and their beautiful ribbons, Daunt Books, the fabulous cheese shop La Fromagerie, Indian restaurant Trishna, not forgetting the Chiltern Firehouse - during the Frieze art fair, they host the most amazing parties!


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