World Environment Day: TOAST

TOAST Circle: a clothes swapping initiative.

TOAST have always believed in the importance of timeless design. Their garments are made to last, becoming more beautiful as they age. Together with their customers, TOAST treat pre-loved garments as a resource to recycle, rather than waste; they offer a free repair service in their shops, where customers can bring back torn or worn garments and have them repaired by their in-house technician. They have developed new construction methods and sourced alternatives to plastics that allow them to minimise waste. Their aim is to foster longevity and support you to do the same.

TOAST Circle

The lifespan of clothing has always been an integral part of TOAST’s thinking. They have begun to push this a little further by looking at a garment’s life beyond its first wearer and have created TOAST Circle. This is a clothes swapping initiative, which allows us as consumers to foster a more conscious, thoughtful and circular lifestyle.

Between 11th and 13th June, they are hosting a clothes swapping weekend in their Marylebone Village store to connect local communities and cultivate longevity. You can bring back worn TOAST garments, share the stories of your garments, and exchange them for others to cherish and take home.

How Will It Work?

  • Bring your pre-worn TOAST garments (up to 5 per visit) into the TOAST Shop. 
  • Complete a story label detailing how and where you wore your garment.
  • Receive a token in exchange for each of your garments. The token will reflect the original value of your TOAST garment, as decided by the store team. There will be two tiers: either under £200 or over £200.
  • Explore the curated rails of pre-worn TOAST garments and trade your token to find new garments of the same tier.

What Can You Swap?

  • You can swap up to 5 pre-worn garments that are still in good condition (free from rips, holes and stains).
  • They will not be able to accept any clothes that are damaged.
  • Garments should be clean and ironed.

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