St Marylebone Festival: A Celebration of Music and Culture in Marylebone Village

The annual St Marylebone Festival is one of the highlights of the cultural calendar in Marylebone Village.

Held at St Marylebone Parish Church, the festival celebrates music, art, and culture with a diverse programme of events and performances. However, unlike previous years, where the festival has been held over a week in July, the 2023 St Marylebone Festival will take place over the course of the whole year!


This year's festival promises to be as exciting as ever, with a range of events for all ages and tastes, from opera to tango workshops, there is something for everyone. The aim of the festival is to celebrate the rich cultural history of Marylebone and to bring together the community through music and other art forms.


In addition to the music, the festival will also offer a range of other events, such as lectures and film screenings, that will explore the area's cultural heritage. See the range of their events below:


16th May: Film Screening - The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943)

27th May: Come and Sing - Stainer’s Crucifixion

4th June: Robert Quinney Organ Recital

7th June: 2023 Lecture Series - Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

24th June: Debussy & Wagner - Music of Transcendence

2nd July: Ed Carew Organ Recital

8th July: Mansfield Park

6th August: Davide Paleari Organ Recital


These events will provide an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to learn more about the rich history of Marylebone and to engage with the community. To find out more about their events, visit their page here


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