How to make the perfect Christmas feast?

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you're going to serve your guests on the most festive day of the year. From succulent turkey to delicious chocolates, Marylebone Village is your go-to destination for everything you need to create the perfect Christmas feast and delight your guests.


Ginger Pig

What is a Christmas dinner without a tasty turkey or a roll sirloin? Ginger Pig supports a selection of the best small producers found in the UK, with quality at the heart of everything they do, ensuring the care of the livestock and that you only enjoy the best of the best.

Paul Rothe and Son

If you’re a fan of traditional sweets then Paul Rothe & Son has got you covered! From sugar coated stollen and lebkuchen straight from Germany to the always popular Italian Panettone, you can be sure to find the perfect festive dessert.

La Fromagerie

From high quality French and Italian cheeses to a wide range of delicious red and white wines at every price point, you can’t go past award-winning shop La Fromagerie! Their selections of fine cheese, wines and accompaniments are an absolute must for the perfect Christmas feast.

Rococo Chocolates

Treat your guests to Rococo Chocolate’s quality British chocolates. Whether they love truffles, creamy milk bars or decadent dark chocolate, they will melt at every bite! The best way to finish off a Christmas feast.

Kusmi Tea

It’s not a British Christmas without a good cup of tea! Get into the Christmas spirit with Kusmi Tea limited edition tea, Tsarevna. Made with all the winter ingredients we love, organic black tea and orange peels blended with delicious spices, and then packaged in an exclusive red and gold tin, it's the best cuppa for Christmas!

David Mellor

For an amazing feast beginning to end, be sure to set your table with the David Mellor’s famous tableware. Their cutlery and glassware are the finest examples of British craftsmanship and design, and also make the nicest gifts.

The White Company

Your Christmas table won’t be complete without the additional sparkle of beautiful ornaments and Christmas crackers from the White Company. From chestnut scented candles to mini Christmas trees, these decorations will be the cherry on top of your perfect festive feast.


For your dinner’s final touches, don' forget to pass by Waitrose. Whether you need fresh fruits and vegetables, spices or baking ingredients, you will definitely find everything you need to complete your festive dinner.
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