At home pedicure steps by Margaret Dabbs

Managing to perform a first class pedicure at home is simply down to using the right products in the right way and you really can achieve professional treatment results at home if you get this right. You’ll be amazed at the results.

All the foot creams in the world won’t work if you leave the hard, dry skin in place so the first step is to use the Margaret Dabbs London Professional Foot File. It really is the Rolls Royce of foot files and lasts a lifetime. Not only does it remove all the hard, dead, dry skin easily but it will also leave the skin even and smooth to the touch. You can also use it to safely take off corns and hard skin from your toes including the ridge of skin that builds up under the little toe!

Foot filing should always be done on dry skin – No exceptions – wet skin masks the areas to be treated, weakens the tissues, makes the skin more prone to infection and the file won’t adhere as well meaning the skin isn’t removed effectively and results aren’t as long lasting.

If you want to give yourself salon groomed nails, use the Crystal Nail File to file the nails straight across so that they look professionally finished.

Don’t underestimate the benefit of using a foot scrub to bring dull, dry skin back to life and reach the areas that the file touch. Use a very small amount of the Exfoliating Foot Mousse on your wet hands, rub it all over the foot, concentrating on the heels and ball of the foot, and then take it in-between the toes, and to the top of the foot and all over the nails before rinsing off with warm water. As soon as you use it you will see a visible difference. The skin will look brand new and appear refreshed and replenished!

Finish with the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion. It is formulated to reduce hard skin build up and to keep the skin soft. Use it every day to get professional treatment results. Apply all over the feet and very, very slowly massage it all over increasing the speed of the movement as you reach the ankle - take this this time to relax your mind and unwind.

This whole treatment is so easy to follow at home but will give you feet which look brand new and make you feel like you are walking on air. Use the foot lotion every day to recreate that feeling and to stop the hard skin building up again and use the foot file, and scrub once or twice a week. You’ll be amazed at the results and feet you can reveal at any time.