How to do turn down service like a hotel

Turndown service is the hallmark of a luxury hotel. Perhaps it’s a fresh bottle of water and slippers placed beside the bed—or even the simple act of turning over the corner of your luscious bed spread to make it that bit easier for you to climb into a bed for an indulgent sleep later on.

At The Mandeville Hotel, they take their turn down service very seriously. Improve your at-home pre-bed routine in a minor but positive way. Their Head of Housekeeping shares their top tips that are simple enough to replicate at home.

Step 1. Turn down your bed. First, you should remove any decorative pillows that are not used during sleeping, if you have these. Then you get to the process of turning down the bed. Take the corners of your duvet and top sheet and fold them down, showing an acute triangle of fitted sheet — a little pocket to slip into when the time comes.
For two people, you fold the whole thing back over itself, into a rectangle shape. Then, fluff your pillows and smooth the rest of the bed spread.

Step 2. Put a glass of water on your bedside table. A cool glass of water, just waiting for you. Just to make your night-time experience that much more pleasant with everything at hand.

Step 3. Tidy up a little. Clear the clutter around your bed and bedside table. Remove and fold up any clothes and put them away, and clear any extra pieces of rubbish, cups and dishes, and empty the dustbins.

Step 4. Draw your shades or curtains. Close your curtains so they welcome you to late evening mode when the time comes to shut your eyes and bid adieu to the day.

Step 5. Dim the lighting. To accomplish this, turn on a bedside lamp and turn off the overhead light. Complete this in any way that your own bedroom allows.

Step 6. Finishing touches that are personal to you include slippers to slide into next to the bed, your favourite lightly scented spray on the pillows. Finally, place your magazine or book of choice on the bedside table with a bookmark in place


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