International Women's Day with Marylebone Village

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Marylebone Village. 

Marylebone Village boasts an abundance of independent brands and award-winning women to celebrate. Hear from the females who have contributed to the success of these businesses, as we discuss a variety of topics including equality, balancing work and personal life, career advice and the challenges women face today.

Q&A with Aimee Hoad, Retail Manager at Fresh.

Luxury beauty brand Fresh creates innovative skin, hair and body care products, make-up and fragrances. They use natural ingredients like sugar, milk, soy and rice and more unusual additions such as Japanese sake and Umbrian clay. Made by blending cutting edge technology with more traditional approaches, Fresh products are highly effective while being kind to the skin and to the environment.
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Isabel Manns
Q&A with womenswear designer and founder, Isabel Manns.

Isabel Manns is a contemporary British womenswear brand. Underpinning Isabel’s whole approach to design is her commitment to building a 100% sustainable, circular fashion label.
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Q&A with Lisa Chavy, founder of LIVY.

LIVY is lingerie that reveals the feelings expressing three states of mind:  Paris, NY, and LA.  Each is taken and designed throughout the LIVY collections which are available in all boutiques. LIVY is place of craftsmanship and lingerie savoir-faire, thanks to creator Lisa Chavy.  
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Q&A with Adriana Cavita, chef owner and Ana Lucia Alonso, Operations Director at Cavita.

Adriana Cavita will open her first solo restaurant in Marylebone Village later this year. Cavita will encapsulate cooking methods from all over Mexico, with Adriana drawing on both her roots in Mexico City and the time she spent travelling around the country.
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EVOKE London
Q&A with Leonora Swanepoel, Vandana and Sridhar Poddar, co-founders of EVOKE London.

EVOKE London is a space that nurtures the growth of artistic, soulful, and historic craft forms from around the world. Together with craftspeople, they collect and create unique works which are pure, meditative, and alive with the spirit of nature.
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Dinny Hall
Q&A with jewellery designer and Founder, Dinny Hall.

A modern British jewellery brand with 30 year’s heritage, Dinny Hall is the creative force behind her eponymous line. From sketch to store, she remains personally involved in every one of her pieces, and it’s that hands-on approach, together with her enduring creative instincts, that has made hers one of the most recognisable names in the jewellery world.
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Q&A with Henrietta Rix & Orlagh McCloskey.

RIXO's philosophy is to evoke a wanderlust & free spirit in all our wearers, filling a gap in the contemporary market with easy-to-wear, feminine shapes and high-quality materials. Always inclusive, always empowering, they aim to create a fusion of original hand-painted prints and timeless silhouettes to flatter every woman, irrespective of age, season, size, nationality or time of day.
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The Light Centre
Q&A with Olga Allon, CEO of The Light Centre.

The Light Centre offers a full class schedule 7 days a week of yoga, pilates and barre classes hosting may of London’s most sought after teachers. The Light centre Marylebone has 9 therapy rooms with a full range of therapies and treatments on offer daily including physios, osteos, beauty spa services, reiki, massage and much more.
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Tracey Neuls
Q&A with womenswear designer and Founder, Tracey Neuls.

Tracey Neuls’ unique footwear has garnered a dedicated fashion following. Even if you haven’t ever ventured inside you may have noticed the store’s arresting display window, where shoes hang by a string in the air. Every few months, the space is transformed as artists enhance new collections with creative installations; yet for all that it looks like a gallery, this really is a shoe shop—albeit one that likes to break the mould.
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Wyse London
Q&A with Marielle Wyse, Creative Director and founder of Wyse London.

Launched in 2014, the luxury British label Wyse London delivers classic stylish pieces for every occasion, with that refined – and recognisable – Wyse twist. Specially designed for women with a sense of joie de vivre it has nothing to do with being a certain age or looking a certain way – but everything to do with wanting elevated women’s clothing that’s also unexpected… and a bit fabulous.
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Designers Guild
Q&A with Tricia Guild, Founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild.

At their West End store in Marylebone Village, the total Designers Guild lifestyle comes together showcasing their own special take on inspiration, creativity and individuality for a stylish way of life.
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KJ's Laundry
Q&A with Jane Ellis, co-founder of KJ’s Laundry.

From covetable womenswear, handbags, jewellery and shoes to lingerie and beauty products, KJ’s Laundry is a fashion treasure trove. Co-owners Kate and Jane have uncovered interesting and highly wearable brands from all over the world, and each season seek out the most stylish pieces from their new collections. The boutique stocks cult favourites like Samantha Sung and Sessun, as well as an exciting and ever-changing repertoire of new finds.
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