The best of British fashion: Martel+Ram

Q&A with independent footwear brand, Martel+Ram.

Tell us about Martel+Ram and the inspiration behind the brand?

Martel+Ram was founded in 2018 with a mission to make classic men's footwear with trainer-level comfort. Most quality English shoes are still made with a 19th century Goodyear Welt process that was developed at a time when most people only had one good pair of shoes; they were meant to last - not be comfortable! We embrace the technology and manufacturing advances that have come out of the sport-shoe industry to create a stylish, lightweight and comfort-based shoe for everyday life today.

What can we expect to see from Martel+Ram for AW21?

We are now seeing more and more customers coming to us looking for quality, casual footwear for their return to office life and they do not want to sacrifice the comfort-based dressing they have become used to over the past year. This has been our mantra all along so it is interesting to see this shift. We have been developing new styles and colours scheduled to drop for the AW21 season and look forward to introducing some cool, new limited edition styles for the holiday season this year as there is going to be much to celebrate after the drama of last Christmas!