The best of British fashion: Dinny Hall

Q&A with independent jewellery designer, Dinny Hall. 

Tell us about Dinny Hall and the inspiration behind the brand?

Dinny fell in love with the feeling that seeing and touching jewellery evoked in her from a very young age. The rush of desire when adorning something sparkly, cold metal to the touch and the weight of something precious. Dinny then began to explore  metalwork at school which then led to graduating in jewellery design and setting up a bench studio in Soho. In 1985 the Dinny Hall brand was launched officially.  36 years on, Dinny boasts a globally successful brand with 6 London stores all within the chicest of London postcodes;  Marylebone, Islington, Notting Hill, Hampstead, Covent Garden and London’s leading department Store, Liberty. Dinny is passionate about classic, wearable and beautifully made pieces which as each owner’s collection grows, evolves into an individual look. ‘Jewellery is made to be worn, not hidden away in a box for a day that may never come’.

What can we expect from Dinny Hall for AW21?

We are on a journey of discovering and championing who our Dinny Hall Woman really is, what she loves and how she lives. We have spent the unprecedented time of a global pandemic to dig deep into our relationships, our design and the values of our community. Emotional connections have been our lifeline during these challenging times as we ease out to a new world we will be celebrating our gratitude with two new campaigns; ‘The Dinny Hall Woman’ and ‘It takes a Village’. All our stores have an individual personality and boutique village feel; individuality and sense of identity is a core value of Dinny Hall. 

We have always championed the individual and the independent and our collections are about classic pieces, which can be layered and added to, to create an individual look which empowers all generations. Our newest collection; Pearl Shuga, reimagines the classic pearl into a modern AW update which is delicate and feminine and sits perfectly with your existing Dinny Hall classic hoops, studs and pendants. Our renowned collection of hoops in all sizes remain a key item every woman should own and we have extended the collection as we move into bolder dressing for venturing back out into the world in real life.