International Women’s Day: Fresh

Q&A with Aimee Hoad, Retail Manager at Fresh.

What inspired you to choose a career in beauty?

I have always loved helping people feel more confident. The beauty industry can be intimidating for a lot of men and women, and making sure your teams and yourself are there to really help your guests, and allow everyone to feel more confident and happy in themselves when they leave you is really rewarding. I love helping people overcome their insecurities and to see them feeling stronger.

Based on your own experience, what advice would you have for women wanting to get into your industry, or start a business of their own?

Believe in yourself. If you have an idea and you want to create a business, have confidence in your abilities and what you can bring to the table that may be different from what is already out there. Be prepared to work hard. And also make sure you have an amazing group of people around you who share your vision and passion. 

Which women have inspired you most throughout your life?

My grandmother has always inspired me. She was one of the first makeup artists to work in Selfridges, and went on to do make up for films and television in the US and Canada. She always used to tell me the way to succeed is to work hard, love what you do, and if people question your worth or abilities just quietly work harder to prove them wrong, and have confidence in yourself.