International Women's Day: Cavita

Q&A with Adriana Cavita, chef and owner of Cavita. 

Tell us about your career journey so far.

Growing up in a small village in Mexico, food was an integral part of day-to-day life. At the age of 17, I joined Nicos in Mexico City as an apprentice, marking the beginning of my 19-year hospitality journey. While studying gastronomy at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, I continued to cook in the evenings. I feel extremely grateful to have worked in some of the best restaurants in the world such as Pujol and El Bulli at such a young age, and later onto Lalo with Eduardo Garcia. I have always felt a very deep connection to my roots and traditional Mexican cuisine. This led me to leave the city and travel around different states in Mexico, exploring regional traditional Mexican food. I came to the UK about 8 years ago to work as a head chef, but I always dreamed of opening my own restaurant serving Mexican food cooked in the traditional way. Now, I am the proud owner of Cavita restaurant, which opened in May 2022. I have also published a book with Ryland Peters & Small, marking another milestone in my journey.

Which women have inspired you most throughout your life?

I will say my grandma. She owned a street food business selling Antojitos Mexicanos and worked in restaurants around the city. Although she passed away when I was young, I still vividly remember listening to her stories about how she built her house and managed to open her own business all by herself, even when she had 7 kids and had adopted 2 more. She inspires me a lot and I always think about that.

What do you love most about being positioned in Marylebone Village?

The community around this area is amazing, hence why we chose Marylebone Village as the ideal destination for our restaurant. Everyone is extremely friendly, and we feel a strong sense of belonging here.

How do you “inspire Inclusion” within your business?

At Cavita, we try to create a balance of both men and women working with us. I hold no personal biases and actively try to promote respect for everyone, irrespective of their job title, nationality, or any other factor.

Have you put any changes or policies in place to help women succeed within your business?

At Cavita, we believe we have fostered an inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. We strive to assist every team member in their journey to success, by providing them with active encouragement and support. What matters most is that each person, regardless of gender, is willing to succeed, learn and improve. I believe motivation comes from within.

What is your favourite song to make you feel empowered?

Definitely Good Energy by Yung Wylin – this song always makes me feel empowered!