International Women's Day: RIXO

Q&A with Henrietta Rix & Orlagh McCloskey.

Tell us about your role and your business... 

RIXO is a vintage-inspired womenswear brand, known best for our signature hand-painted prints and flattering shapes and silhouettes.  

Orlagh: I’m one half of RIXO and also design director, I oversee the entire design aspect of the business.

Henrietta: I’m the other half of RIXO and also oversee all marketing and PR activity. Orlagh and I then come together to head up the business aspect of RIXO.

What do you love most about being positioned in Marylebone Village? 

Orlagh: We have our wonderful Marylebone High Street store and love the community that comes and shops with us there. It’s such a gorgeous part of London and we’re so happy to have a RIXO presence there. 

Which women have inspired you most throughout your life? 

Henrietta: I’m lucky to have been so inspired by my mum, she really started my love for all things vintage – I remember her taking me with her to all sorts of different vintage and flea markets. Mine and Orlagh’s shared love of vintage firstly started our friendship and then completely inspired our starting of RIXO and every collection we’ve created.