International Women's Day: The Light Centre

Q&A with Olga Allon, CEO of The Light Centre.

Tell us about your role and your business… 

I am the CEO of the Light Centre, a chain of holistic wellness centres in London. We have four sites across the city, including a beautiful centre on Marylebone High Street, and we offer a vast range of therapies and classes. The Light Centre has been in London for over 19 years. Our range of therapies is extensive; from women’s health, physio, osteo, sports massage, beauty and spa treatments, reiki and acupuncture, cellulite removal, talking therapies and much much more. We have some of London’s most sought after Barre, Yoga and Pilates teachers and a full 7 day a week schedule of classes for all levels. As CEO, I oversee all aspects of running the business from making day to day decisions, to supporting our small team of management and reception staff, financial planning and steering the business forwards to a place of growth.

Based on your own experience, what advice would you have for women wanting to get into your industry, or start a business of their own? 

I have been fortunate to experience both owning a business and being employed by a business at a senior level – both in the wellness sector. I have loved the vast range of work and experience this has given me. But all of this has come from a deep passion and that is what has driven everything. Find something you love and the work and drive will come. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks along the way. Having your own business brings risk but can also bring huge levels of reward too. Life doesn’t have to take a linear path – be open to opportunities and to change – that is where the growth will come.

What do you love most about being positioned in Marylebone Village? 

Marylebone has become my favourite part of London. Walking around the village, you can see the beauty around you. It always feels a treat to spend time in this area and is a favourite place of mine to come for a mooch around or a coffee with a friend, and so to have a Light Centre positioned here, is just fantastic. I know that what we do and offer at the Light Centre is a truly perfect ‘fit’ for the area of Marylebone Village.