Marylebone Summer Festival: Homeware

Purchase homeware and gifts from a variety of independent brands on Sunday 11 June.

Atlas London - Atlas London sell the highest quality burr wood gifts. Each piece is uniquely hand crafted from the root of the Thuya tree before being expertly polished. You’ll find cufflink boxes, watch cases, desk accessories, jewellery boxes and plenty more at their stall.

Deterra - Deterra London sell the most beautiful handmade pottery, ornaments and terrariums. All of their concrete products are hand produced in the UK using sustainably sourced ingredients.

Guruve - Selling magnificent stone sculptures from Zimbabwe, Guruve’s original one-off works of art are from leading contemporary artists and make great collectors pieces by famous names. Guruve are the world experts in the Shona sculpture movement.

Inkas Crafts - Inkas Crafts sell and promote unique handmade crafts designed to enchant the spirit of mystique culture lovers. Their products are based on the millenary South American culture made with ingenuity and passion.

My Little Wish - From cosy Glerups slippers to generously soft blankets, recycled plastic rugs to soy candles, My Little Wish has some wonderful products that’ll bring hygge into your home.

Second Chances - Browse unique homeware pieces to uplift your home. Find vintage and retro, china, linen and more.

Well Hung Hammocks - For ultimate comfort, Well Hung Hammocks sell gorgeous hammocks and their hanging accessories for your home, garden or holiday. With over 20 years experience in using and selling hammocks, they can help you hang a hammock in any space, big or small, inside or outdoors.