International Women's Day: Taka

Q&A with Anastasia Datsenko, Founder of Taka

 What inspired you to choose a career in Hospitality?

My interest in a career in hospitality stemmed from my true passion for delivering high-quality service; and a love for beautiful culinary creations. Being raised in Japan and witnessing Omotenashi (the ceremonies that surround wholeheartedly looking after guests) first-hand, has had a huge impact on my career and inspired my business here in the UK. I believe high-quality service is ultimately what transforms dining into a high-end immersive experience. 


What does this year's IWD campaign, “Embrace Equity”,  mean to you?

We undoubtedly still have some way to come as a society until we achieve true equality for women. However, I do believe that women pursuing their goals, and not allowing fears of preferential treatment for men to hold us back is a step all women can take. We may not get to exactly where we want, but we will surely be closer to it! 


Do you have any tips on how to run a successful business?

My tip to any woman looking to run a successful business is to not be disheartened by the disappointing moments. Business growth is not often linear, and there will always be situations that can demoralise you. More often than not, the difference between those who find success and those who don’t is how they power through the low points! Eventually, hard work pays off, but consistency and discipline must hold you on your path in the tougher moments! Nothing great comes easy!