Carlotta has opened in Marylebone Village

Big Mamma Group have opened their fifth London restaurant in the heart of Marylebone Village.

Sitting pretty on Marylebone High Street, Carlotta takes you for a suave night out spent in an intimate hideaway; relax on the ruby red terrace to check out the scene, or pull open the doors to find yourself in a long skylit dining room, amongst leather furnishings and a soft suede ceiling. Pick a seat at the dazzling Venetian marble bar for pre-dinner cocktails or choose a supple leather booth to dine between the mirrors and golden drapes. If you’re after another vibe, head downstairs to the 80s midnight blue velvet paradise - Chef Armando will be waiting for you in the open kitchen.

This Neopolitan maestro will have you gathered around the table, famiglia-style, with a brave new menu exploring traditional Neopolitan and Sicilian classics whilst bringing an Americano twist to the Italo. Originally from the eastern part of Napoli between the sea and the hills, Armando cooked whilst listening to his Nonna’s tales, who used to run a small trattoria in the 50s. Her recipes inspired his cooking, a love for retro sauces, seafood and most of all: barbeque, which shines through in this menu of feasts, with a fiery grill section using the finest beef and lamb from Phillip Warren. Pick up your fork for a delicate rosé veal tartare, roll up your sleeves for their tempura shrimp cocktail, dig into the penne alla vodka with Cornish crab and bite into delicate lamb arrosticini skewers, a speciality from Abruzzo. For serious drinkers, you need only peruse their list of the finest whiskeys, some shaken into classic cocktails like whiskey sours and martinis. On the wine side, Carlotta have picked a heart-warming selection to be enjoyed and slowly sipped, whether it’s a glass full of bubbles or intense red Italian vintages.

So, show up with a hot date, get cosy and be ready for a sweet ride at Carlotta, located at 77-78 Marylebone High Street.