John Bell & Croyden unveils SEABODY as winner of ‘Anniversary Award’ celebrating the next big beauty brand

The John Bell & Croyden 'Anniversary Award' was launched to celebrate their 225th anniversary and shine a light on forward-thinking health and beauty brands.

The competition was open to all young and innovative independent brands, with a requirement for entrants to submit a collection of at least three ethically-produced products that deliver proven results.

This year, Luxury skincare brand SEABODY has been unveiled as the winner of the prestigious award. The 'Anniversary Award' will give SEABODY the chance to stock its tech-powered beauty and wellness products at the renowned retailer in 2023. Additionally, they will receive an exclusive marketing package worth £25,000!

The innovation-led Irish brand has pioneered a unique collection of luxury oceanic-based food supplement and skincare products that utilise ocean plants from the Irish Atlantic coastline. They exclusively use organically certified, sustainably cultivated, and hand-harvested seaweeds from the Wild Atlantic Way, employing zero-waste clean technologies to extract potent bioactive ingredients. Their packaging choices are equally eco-conscious, featuring infinitely recyclable glass, forest steward certified paper, and biodegradable inks.

In a fiercely competitive contest, SEABODY surpassed nineteen other innovative beauty, health, and wellbeing brands that had secured coveted spots on the shortlist. The brand's co-founder, Dr. Helena McMahon, is dedicated to creating high-efficacy, clean-label products, with sustainability at the heart of their mission.

SEABODY’S skincare products have been bio-designed, based upon a deep knowledge of skin health and bioactive to create high efficacy products, which are all nature-based, vegan aligned and deliver a luxury sensory experience. The Glycan Enrich Moisturiser is the brand’s first product to reach hero status with its supercharged formula that works with your skin to hydrate, smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Make sure to head to John Bell & Croyden in Marylebone Village to explore SEABODY’s Innovative range as well as all other incredible brands in-store.