International Women's Day: Varley

Q&A with Lara Mead, founder of Varley.

Tell us about your role and your business…    

Founded in 2015 by myself and my husband Ben Mead, Varley is a contemporary fashion brand for the modern woman. From knitwear and outerwear to everyday staples, our year-round collections are designed to instil quiet confidence and evolve alongside the lives of our Varley women. 

My role as Varley's Chief Creative Officer (CCO) involves overseeing our content, marketing, and PR departments while actively contributing to the design direction of each collection.


What made you choose Marylebone Village as a destination for your store? 

Marylebone Village was a natural fit for Varley due to its proximity to our UK head office and showroom. What I love most about being in Marylebone is how it aligns with Varley's essence. The community spirit and picturesque surroundings create an inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements our brand identity. Being here allows us to seamlessly integrate into the community while staying true to our roots and values.


How do you “inspire Inclusion” within your business?

At Varley, inclusion is at the core of our values. Guided by kindness, we prioritise looking after one another. We value our team members, recognising their vital role in shaping our brand's identity and evolution. Embracing diversity, we celebrate each individual's unique contributions and perspectives, creating an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected.


Have you faced any obstacles you’ve had to overcome in your business?

Despite our fair share of luck and things miraculously falling into place, our journey was full of mistakes. The evolution of the product was everything. In the beginning, we faced setbacks and challenges that really tested us. Fabrics didn't hold up, entire collections had to be redone. These tough times made us stronger and more determined. Our journey wasn't easy, but it taught us important lessons and brought unexpected chances our way, enabling us to keep falling forward.