The best of British fashion: Isabel Manns

Q&A with independent fashion designer, Isabel Manns.

Tell us about Isabel Manns and the inspiration behind the brand?

Isabel Manns is a contemporary British womenswear set out to create high quality reversible garments. Underpinning our whole approach to design is our commitment to building a 100% sustainable, circular fashion label, produced in the UK. By creating unique, reversible clothing is just one way we are delivering on this commitment. We are often inspired by nature which can be seen throughout all the collections in the print design and vibrant colours used. Our styles are feminine and can easily be dressed up or down depending on how you style them and which reverse side you wear them on.

What can we expect to see from Isabel Manns for AW21?

Our autumn/winter collection is an extension of our 'seasonless' collection. We have continued with our signature luxurious printed silk satins in some stunning emerald and red print designs and we have also added in some beautiful soft velvets which will be seen in a range of clothing in deep red and midnight blue.

Can you tell us about your collection launching at Fashion Week for SS22?
The new collection is called "The Underwater Eden" and it is a "seasonless" collection as we intend for our items to be worn throughout the year for many years to come. The Underwater Eden collection signifies the peaceful yet water drenched flower beds, with the beauty of rain droplets falling onto petals being the most prominent feature. I used water like brushstrokes and overlaid these paintings to portray these magnified details. 
The naturally flowing styles and the fabrics used fall effortlessly onto the body's contours, creating a calm, gentle sway when in motion, reminding us of the natural beauty of water and the gracefulness of the people who wear them.
This new seasonless 2022/23 collection comprises a variety of pieces, such as dresses, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, trousers, jackets, scarfs and headbands that can be worn together as an outfit or combined with items from our previous collections, which will be able to be bought in store. They are intended to be worn throughout the year, simply by reversing the items or styling them in different ways. 

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