The best of British fashion in Marylebone Village

Discover the inspiration behind Marylebone Village's most loved, British designers.

A true village in the heart of London’s West End, Marylebone Village has an abundance of independent fashion brands and boutiques, bursting with originality and plenty of character. In celebration of London Fashion Week this month, we spoke with some of Marylebone Village's most loved British designers, discussing the inspiration behind each of their brands as well as what you can expect to find in store this season.

The brainchild of two archaeology students, TOAST's growth from a mail order company in Wales to a national brand has been entirely organic. The company remains small, the founders hands on, and the Marylebone store a warm reflection of their commitment to traditional values and sustainable growth.
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Martel+Ram combines impeccable design with high-quality materials. A rarity in traditional men's footwear, their shoes bring together style and comfort - ensuring your feet are dressed to impress.
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Isabel Manns
Isabel Manns is a contemporary British womenswear brand. Underpinning Isabel’s whole approach to design is her commitment to building a 100% sustainable, circular fashion label. A brand that is invested in marrying innovation and creativity together with sustainability. Creating unique, reversible clothing is just one way Isabel is delivering on her commitment. Isabel's collections are intended to be timeless and flattering for any body shape.
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Dinny Hall
A modern British jewellery brand with 30 year’s heritage, Dinny Hall is the creative force behind her eponymous line. From sketch to store, she remains personally involved in every one of her pieces, and it’s that hands-on approach, together with her enduring creative instincts, that has made hers one of the most recognisable names in the jewellery world.
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Joseph Cheaney & Sons
Since 1886, Joseph Cheaney & Sons have been making traditional English shoes in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside and are committed to quality craftsmanship. Believing that an investment in longevity surpasses the need for a wardrobe full of shoes, Joseph Cheaney & Sons further offers refurbishment services to help you extend the life of your shoes.
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